A high entrepreneurial spirit and a strong interest in agriculture have led a local entrepreneur into the production of several organic fertiliser products. Doctor Haji Amzah bin Haji Abdul Rahman, owner of Imbru Essential Oil enterprise, said the production of these fertiliser's helps farmers in the country to overcome challenges such as soil acidity which can cause low productivity in crops.

Doctor Haji Amzah challenged himself into producing these organic fertilisers after seeing the market potential of locally-made fertilisers in the country, which is still not saturated. In the business's early days, the capital needed did not exceed $10,000.00, considering that the processing site is only temporary. Workers at the company also consist of locals, who are able to operate specific machines.

For the 58-year-old entrepreneur, the organic fertilisers that are produced act as soil conditioners to increase the crop quality. He added that the advantages of his fertiliser products include adding nutrients and organic matters into the soil, improving water retention capacity, reducing dryness in the soil as well as water and wind-induced erosion.

According to Doktor Haji Amzah, his company has its own strategy when it comes to marketing its products. The official distributor for his fertilisers is Khais Enterprise. The positive feedback received from his customers also further strengthen his will to conduct more research into the plants found in the country, as a basis to learn the effectiveness of its organic fertilisers.

The local entrepreneur hopes to increase the production of his organic fertilisers and expand his company's reach to penetrate local and overseas market. The production of these locally-made fertilisers is hoped to assist with contributing to the country's economy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei