The National Service Programme, the P.K.B.N teaches its trainees to fortify their identity so that they are stronger, stable, responsible, and capable of more positive thinking and not easily influenced by negative elements. The PKBN trainees are taught pure and noble values to make them true Muslims. Trainees currently undergoing training at the PKBN Training Camp in Kampung Batu Apoi in Temburong District acknowledge the effectiveness of the training.

During the free session with their parents and guardians, the PKBN trainees showed their smartness, resilience and discipline, while expressing gratitude for the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience towards identity or character development. Some of them said while it was difficult at first, after 3 weeks, they became used to getting up early. They gained strength and stamina, as well as became more disciplined.

The weekend free session gave parents and guardians the opportunity to visit the trainees at the PKBN Camp. The parents were grateful and praised the youth's willingness to join the programme as part of their preparation to become outstanding citizens who will serve the nation, religion and country in the future. Some parents talked about their children who were either shy or timid before becoming a PKBN trainee. Now they added, the youngsters are confident and strong.

Source: Radio Television Brunei