LAOAG CITY: At least 1,000 mangrove buds (propagules) were planted along the coastline of Davila in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte on Thursday as part of the ongoing environment month celebration. The provincial government, through its environment office, initiated the mangrove-planting to support the government's Expanded National Greening Program and inspire environmental stewardship.

According to Philippines News Agency, about 150 participants, led by Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta Marcos, joined the activity. Partners included the Energy Development Corporation, the local government of Pasuquin, Barangay Ranger Officers, and the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office in Bangui. Jimenez urged participants to advocate for environmental justice and contribute to a thriving natural world for future generations.

Various local government units, in partnership with the private sector and non-government organizations, have been leading tree-planting activities of indigenous species in both mountainous and coastal areas. Jimenez highlighted the need to rehabilitate the coastal area, noting that some previously planted mangrove saplings had been swept away by water, while others are now thriving, providing habitat for marine life, reducing erosion, and absorbing weather impacts. Davila village has the largest mangrove area, covering around 200 hectares.

Environment experts state that mangroves serve as life support systems for about 75 percent of fish species in the area, crustaceans, and wildlife. Mangroves can live up to 100 years, and as they mature, they enhance the marine ecological system.

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