UK Health Service Relies Heavily on Filipino Workers, Says British Envoy

Baguio: Filipino healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, play an integral role in the United Kingdom's National Health Service, as acknowledged by Iain Cox, the British Embassy's political counsellor in Manila. According to Cox, during a press briefing in the Cordillera region last week, Filipinos constitute a significant portion of the medical workforce in the UK, with about 50,000 of the 250,000 Filipino residents there engaged in the healthcare sector. He highlighted the deep personal connection many in the UK have with Filipino medical staff, including his own experience with a Filipino nurse who cared for his mother during her final days. This connection not only showcases the professional contributions of Filipino workers but also serves as a bridge for cultural exchange. The respect and appreciation for Filipino workers were further evidenced by various recognitions, including a George Cross award given to nurse May Parsons by the late Queen Elizabeth II. Filipino workers, praised for their comp assion and critical roles during the pandemic, continue to make a vital contribution to the UK's economy and healthcare system.