TW Steel launches new campaign ‘Time is Now’ in PH

Time is the most precious commodity. The past three years have challenged individuals to look forward and take charge of their own future. But as the world bounce back from the days of the pandemic, it is now up to us to make a stand and shape the future. In a bid to inspire individuals to seize the moment, world-renowned luxury watch brand TW Steelunveiled its newest campaign in the Philippines on February 16, 2023. It challenges Filipinos to make the most of their time. TW Steel's 2023 campaign called 'Time Is Now' aims to emphasize the significance of cherishing every moment. Further, TW Steel wants to inspire, challenge, and showcase what a single outlook can do to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and stay motivated toward greater things ahead. 'Our 'Time Is Now' campaign captures the very essence of what we learned coming from a dreadful pandemic. There is no perfect time to aspire and achieve goals and dreams in life than now. Time is a very valuable resource, and we can use it well to make every moment count,' said Cathy Porlaje, TW Steel Brand Manager. TW Steel, which means 'The Watch In Steel,' started in 2005 with four initial designs that created a mark as a niche product. The brand has taken the world by storm with its oversized feature of 45 to 50-millimeter faces in diameter, and stylish chronographs. TW Steel is dedicated to supporting its customers in living life to the fullest and encourages them to seize every opportunity. The brand's luxury watches are not only a reflection of style but also a symbol of the wearer's commitment to making the most of their time. The 'Time Is Now' campaign will run throughout the year. The campaign will be promoted through TW Steel's social media channels, digital platforms, and in-store displays.

Source: Philippines News Agency