Tutong Town Mosque Hosts “Songdai Berjemaah Subuh” Programme to Enhance Community Worship

TUTONG TOWN, Brunei — The Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque Takmir Committee, in collaboration with the mosque’s Muslimah group and the Ibadurrahman Youth Group, held a “Songdai Berjemaah Subuh” programme on the early morning of February 11th. This initiative aims to encourage the Muslim community to partake in mass fardhu subuh prayer, thereby glorifying mosques and enhancing communal worship practices.

According to Radio Television Brunei, the event featured a pre-dawn lecture titled “Sembahyang Tiang Agama,” led by Awang Muhammad Khairul Nazif bin Awang Damit, Head of the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA) Alumni Affairs. The lecture emphasized the significance of prayer as a fundamental act of worship and an obligatory practice within Islam. It highlighted the importance of adhering to the five daily prayers promptly, reinforcing them as the pillars of the religion.