Trade Grows by Over 10% in February 2024

In February 2024, total trade experienced a significant growth of 10.8 percent, reaching a value of $2,405.5 million, compared to the previous month. The increase was driven by robust exports and imports, which totaled $1,547.3 million and $858.2 million respectively.

According to Radio Television Brunei, the main contributors to the export growth were sectors such as Mineral Fuels, Chemicals, and Machinery and Transport Equipment. Australia, the People’s Republic of China, and Singapore were the top export destinations, with Mineral Fuels and Chemicals being the most significant commodities exported to these countries. On the import side, the largest volumes were in Mineral Fuels, Machinery and Transport Equipment, and Food, with Malaysia, China, and Indonesia as the principal import partners. The detailed trade statistics report is available on the Ministry of Finance and Economy’s website at ‘’.