Tambobo Bay Coral Survey and Transplantation Announced by NGO

SIATON, Negros Oriental – The Marine Conservation Philippines (MCP) has announced plans to undertake an underwater survey and coral transplantation effort in Tambobo Bay to address the impact of a new dredging project. The initiative aims to assess and relocate coral reefs that may be affected by the dredging activities intended to deepen the bay’s entrance to facilitate larger vessels.

According to the Philippine News Agency, the survey will identify the specific areas of the coral reef requiring relocation. While acknowledging the challenge, Knudsen emphasized the goal to save as much of the coral as possible. This announcement coincided with International Biodiversity Day, underlining the importance of the reefs to local biodiversity and their role in ecological resilience.

The upcoming survey and transplantation efforts will be coordinated with several governmental bodies, including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the provincial Environment and Natural Resources Division, and the Siaton local government. The project also involves setting up demarcation lines and buoys to prevent interference with the transplanted corals during the dredging, which is part of a PHP150 million project managed by the Philippine Ports Authority covering Tambobo Bay and nearby ports.

The community, including local residents and fisherfolk associations, has raised concerns about the potential adverse effects of the dredging on the environment and human health. In response, the Philippine Ports Authority has committed to implementing measures to mitigate environmental impact and ensure that development efforts do not compromise conservation goals.