Speaker Romualdez Highlights Legislative Achievements in Peace, Economy, and Social Welfare

MANILA – Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez reported significant legislative achievements by the House of Representatives, emphasizing national security, economic stability, and social welfare improvements in his address marking the end of the second regular session of Congress on Wednesday.

According to Philippines News Agency, the House has effectively addressed critical areas such as national security by enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities and passing strategic laws including the Philippine Self-Reliant Defense Posture Program Act (House Bill 9713). This measure is aimed at bolstering military readiness and safeguarding the country’s territorial integrity. Additionally, Romualdez highlighted the economic strides made through the approval of key fiscal policies such as the Ease of Paying Taxes Act (Republic Act 11976) and the Maharlika Investment Fund Act of 2023 (RA 11954), which have collectively improved the investment climate and boosted revenue collections by 17 percent.

The Speaker also pointed out infrastructure advancements under the Build Better More Program, emphasizing the unified national grid project intended to enhance national connectivity and competitiveness. In terms of water resource management, he cited the Department of Public Works and Highways-National Irrigation Administration Convergence Plan, which integrates flood control with broader water conservation strategies to bolster agricultural productivity and food security.

Romualdez assured that the administration under President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Filipinos through various social initiatives. He specifically mentioned legislative efforts to provide over 1 million affordable housing units and improve education and healthcare access across the country. Noteworthy legislative actions include the National Housing Authority Act (House Bill 10172), which aims to address the needs of underprivileged and homeless populations, and the No Permit, No Exam Prohibition Act (RA 11984), designed to prevent financial barriers from hindering student progress.

Further, the House has made strides in enhancing the national healthcare system with laws like the Regional Specialty Centers Act (RA 11959) and the Caregivers’ Welfare Act (RA 11965), which expand access to specialized medical care and support caregivers, respectively. Initiatives to increase employment opportunities were also emphasized, with Romualdez noting the Trabaho Para sa Bayan Act (RA 11962) that focuses on upskilling and supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Lastly, the Speaker highlighted environmental protection efforts through the approval of the Philippine Downstream Natural Gas Industry Development Act (HB 8456) and the National Water Resources Act (HB 9663), which are aimed at enhancing disaster preparedness and promoting renewable energy.

Romualdez concluded by reaffirming the House’s commitment to fostering a secure, prosperous, and resilient Philippines, echoing the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt about overcoming doubts to realize future goals.