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Siquijor to Supply Live Hogs to Negros Oriental to Stabilize Pork Prices

DUMAGUETE CITY - In response to the rising pork prices and a shortage of pork supply in local markets, the Provincial Government of Siquijor has pledged to supply live hogs to Negros Oriental. This move aims to alleviate the high pork prices and fulfill the demand in the region.

According to Philippines News Agency, the designated information officer of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) of Negros Oriental, the commitment from Siquijor is anticipated to bring down pork prices in Negros Oriental. Speaking to the Philippine News Agency on Monday, Vilos expressed optimism that the incoming supply of live hogs from Siquijor, which currently has an excess supply, would help stabilize pork prices, though the exact number of hogs to be supplied remains undetermined. The discussion for this initiative was led by Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Melody Vilan of Negros Oriental and her counterpart in Siquijor, Dr. Jhea Maginsay, who are currently finalizing the requirements for the hog shipment.

This agreement comes shortly after Governor Manuel Sagarbarria of Negros Oriental signed an executive order on February 21, lifting the ban on live hogs and pork by-products from other provinces, especially those previously affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF), contingent upon meeting specific health and safety requirements. Suppliers are required to secure certifications from the PVO, Bureau of Animal Industry, and local government units certifying that they are ASF-free, along with negative tests for ASF, shipping permits, and registered vehicles.

As part of the efforts to facilitate this process, at least four individuals have already been issued certificates of acceptance from the PVO in Negros Oriental for their inbound shipment of pork by-products. However, applications for bringing live hogs into the province have yet to be received. This initiative is a response to calls from hog suppliers and consumers in Negros Oriental for government intervention to reduce pork prices, which have seen significant increases from just over PHP200 per kilo late last year to almost PHP400 per kilo currently. Complaints about the doubling prices of "lechon" or roast whole pig in recent months have also been raised by residents.

The ASF outbreak in some areas of Negros Oriental has been cited as a major factor contributing to the dwindling pig supply, affecting local hog suppliers who were previously restricted from transporting live pigs from ASF-impacted provinces. With the ban now lifted, the PVO plans to enhance its information dissemination efforts to ensure suppliers are informed and prepared to resume the transport of live hogs, aiming to address the supply shortage and high prices affecting consumers.