‘Self-Reflection is Praiseworthy’

Various joy, bitter and sweet events that happen throughout this year are colourful and sour in life. Hence, the Muslim must make it as a lesson in order to be able to live the coming life better than before. The matter was among the content of Friday Sermon titled Self-Reflection is Praiseworthy. The sermon also outlined that the end of the year is a suitable time for reflecting, evaluating and correcting mistakes and any personal shortcomings. Prophet Muhammad Shallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam describes the person who always reflects and improves himself as a wise person.


The Prayer Leader said that we as the servant of Allah SWT are encourage to self-reflect, whether we have fulfilled all the obligations that Allah SWT has commanded us. This includes evaluating our determination in obeying all the commands and prohibitions of Allah SWT such as performing the five daily obligatory prayers, paying zakat or tithe, fasting, avoiding evil deeds such as adultery, usury, corruption and others. Aside from that, we must also check or examine whether we have succeeded or otherwise in fulfilling and implementing our duties, roles and responsibilities as parents, child, student, an employee, leader and such. In conjunction with the New Year, the prayer leader urged all to self-reflect and determine to improve our Iman or faith in order to become a better Muslim.


Source: Radio Television Brunei