San Mateo Assures Water Supply for Resettled Villagers Amid Stream Drying Up

SAN MATEO, Rizal — Local authorities in San Mateo have committed to ensuring a stable water supply for a resettlement area in Barangay Silangan, despite concerns about a diminishing primary water source. The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) is taking proactive steps to address the issue and secure alternative water sources.

According to Philippines News Agency, officer-in-charge at MENRO, the stream traditionally used by around 100 residents along the Old Army Road has nearly dried up, prompting urgent actions to ensure continued water access. "We are investigating the causes of the stream's decline to implement solutions to revive it," said de Jesus in an interview on Tuesday. She noted that the office is considering several measures, including the possible silt and rubbish build-up that could be obstructing the water flow.

In the interim, the community is being supplied with water through several artesian wells, and some areas may also receive services from Manila Water. De Jesus emphasized that her office plans to conduct a scientific study to explore other potential reasons for the water shortage, including the effects of the ongoing El Niño dry spell.

"We need to evaluate the situation thoroughly before proceeding. There are methods like dredging that can sometimes restore a stream's flow, but such efforts require coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)," de Jesus explained to the Philippine News Agency.

The concern for reliable water access has been a significant issue for the residents of the resettlement area, prompting calls for the municipal government to establish a more dependable water service arrangement with Manila Water.