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Puerto Princesa Seeks Japanese Investment for Innovative Planetarium Project

PUERTO PRINCESA— Japanese investors have arrived in Puerto Princesa to evaluate a project designed to spark interest in science among local youths and to establish a new tourist attraction. The project in question is a PHP50-million planetarium initiative for which representatives from GoTo Corporation are considering providing financial support for the necessary equipment.

According to Philippines News Agency, Mayor Lucilo Bayron shared with the media that the Japanese investors have shown a particular interest in funding the planetarium's interior fittings once the building's construction is finished. "They are looking to finance all the internal equipment… including the air conditioning, chairs, and other fixtures, etc. We will only fund the construction of the building itself," Bayron explained, speaking in Filipino. He highlighted that GoTo Corporation is one of the investors interested in contributing to the development of the planetarium, which is part of a larger plan envisioned by the city government.

This broader vision includes constructing a sizeable convention center and introducing cable cars to connect the Environmental Estate in Barangay Sta. Lucia with downtown Puerto Princesa. The mayor previously noted that the planetarium is intended to simulate the night sky for purposes of education, entertainment, and research. It will boast a domed ceiling where images of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies can be projected.

Bayron emphasized that the immersive environment of the planetarium would enable visitors to witness astronomical phenomena firsthand and learn about the universe, constellations, space exploration, and celestial navigation. He pointed out that planetariums utilize advanced projection equipment and software to mimic the night sky at different times and locations, serving as an essential educational tool in astronomy and sparking an interest in science disciplines.