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Preserving Public Well-Being

In deliberating on the first focus of Preserving Public Well-being, the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy explained that the government will continue to give priority to preserving and protecting the lives and well-being of the citizens and residents to ensure the country's socio-economic stability. This includes ensuring that basic needs and services in the country will continue to be channelled and enjoyed by the citizens and residents, including the low-income group.

Yang Berhormat said first, to ensure an integrated road network system. A total of $11.3 million with a plan price of $926.7 million under the 11th National Development Plan, NDP and a total of $14.5 million under the recurring expenditure allocation will be provided for the Ministry of Development to continue works on upgrading, maintenance and improvement of the road network. Second, to ensure access to clean water supply in the country, a total of $34.8 million has been allocated with a plan price of 234.4 million under 11th NDP and a total of $26.4 million under recurring expenses provided specifically for the Ministry of Development through the Public Works Department to carry out construction, upgrading and replacement works of water supply assets.

Source: Radio Television Brunei