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PNP to beef up police presence in crime-prone barangays

The Philippine National Police (PNP) will deploy policemen in barangays identified by the local police forces as crime-prone areas as part of preemptive efforts against criminality.

PNP chief information officer Col. Redrico Maranan said the move is a strategic action plan as the national police do not have enough manpower to guard over 100 million Filipinos in all parts of the country.

Maranan explained that police visibility has been proven as a crime deterrent over the years.

‘The identification of crime-prone barangays is necessary for our deployment. These are the areas where our personnel would be deployed and our commanders were already advised to properly implement it and conduct supervision so that these are done properly,’ Maranan said in a radio interview.

He emphasized the importance of cooperation of the barangay officials in maintaining peace and order.

He said that strong coordination between the police and the community lies on the cooperation between the two, adding that it is the police commanders who are given the task to initiate it.

‘The PNP cannot deploy policemen in each of the barangay. What we do is to cluster the barangay and then we either put up Police Community Precincts, police assistance desks or even a police outpost,’ said Maranan. ‘We believe that if this is properly implemented, we would be able to reduce the crime, especially in the crime-prone barangays’

The end goal, according to Maranan, is to reduce crime which eventually leads to the peace of mind of the people.

Another action plan that would be initiated by the new PNP chief, according to Maranan, is to ensure that all complaints of the people are properly addressed and acted in the soonest possible time.

Maranan said that PNP personnel on the ground has required to conduct regular visits to schools in their respective areas of responsibility as part of the measures to strengthen ties between the police and the community.

He said the program is part of the Oplan Bisita Eskwela wherein policemen are tasked to coordinate with the barangay officials for school visitation.

‘Our policemen in the barangays are required to conduct patrols and coordinate with the principal and teachers in order to prevent our students from being victimized by criminal elements,’ said Maranan.

He explained that there are also crimes reported in schools which include hazing and clashes among students.

‘Our policemen will also ensure that our students would not engage in smoking, including vape,’ said Maranan.

He explained that this is part of the security measures being implemented by the PNP in accordance with the existing anti-smoking ordinances and other ordinances of the local government units relating to peace and order in the communities.

Maranan explained that barangay, city and municipal ordinances if properly implemented, contribute a lot in maintaining peace and order in the community.

‘So all of these will be among those that would be implemented by our policemen in the barangays,’ Maranan said.



Source: Philippines News Agency