PNP Elevates Eleven Officers to Brigadier General RankMarcos Credits Communication and Quality Time for Nearly Four Decades of Marriage

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine National Police (PNP) announced on Sunday the promotion of eleven police colonels to the rank of brigadier general, marking a significant advancement in their careers.

According to Philippines News Agency, the officers who received the one-star rank promotion include Colonels Christopher Abrahano and Jericho Baldeo from the Office of the Chief PNP; Manuel Abrugena from the Special Action Force; Nestor Babagay Jr. from the Office of the Directorate of Intelligence; Jovencio Badua Jr. from Police Regional Office (PRO) 1 (Ilocos); Dionisio Bartlome Jr., chief of Drug Enforcement Group; Aligre Martinez from PRO 4A (Calabarzon); Eleazar Matta from PRO 13 (Caraga), Noel Sandoval from Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management; Rogelio Simon from Police Security Protection Group; and Noel Vallo from Directorate for Logistics. Their promotions were officially recognized on February 6, as per a document issued on February 9.

This series of promotions comes after the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) committed in January to expedite the process for advancing third-level police officers. The National Police Commission (Napolcom) had previously passed a resolution requiring the completion of promotion processing for third-level officers within 30 days following the submission of all necessary documentation.

DILG Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr., who also serves as the chair of Napolcom, expressed that these promotions are expected to boost the morale of the personnel. He emphasized the importance of inspiring the officers to diligently combat criminality, illegal drugs, and corruption, as well as to maintain peace and order within their respective jurisdictions.

MANILA, Philippines — President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos are set to celebrate their long-standing tradition of spending Valentine’s Day together, marking nearly four decades of companionship without a specific formula for maintaining their strong bond.

According to Philippines News Agency, ” uploaded on the internet on Sunday, President Marcos highlighted direct communication as the cornerstone of their successful marriage. The President emphasized the importance of face-to-face conversations over digital communication, urging couples to engage in personal interactions rather than through social media or digital platforms. He shared insights into their relationship, noting the significance of physical presence, such as holding hands, dining together, or walking down the beach, to keep their connection alive.

The President also acknowledged the challenge of balancing demanding work schedules with personal time but underscored their efforts to ensure quality moments together. He revealed that despite their busy lives, they manage to find brief periods to share meals and enjoy each other’s company.

In response to inquiries from netizens, the First Lady disclosed that the President takes an active role in their domestic life by cooking for the family and planning ‘date nights’ every Wednesday to alleviate stress through casual conversations and shared laughter.

Both the President and First Lady stressed the value of time in their relationship, striving to maximize every opportunity to be together amidst their responsibilities. They highlighted the importance of humor and a positive outlook in sustaining a healthy partnership, avoiding conflicts and arguments.

The presidency is described as their most unforgettable adventure, offering them a unique experience filled with challenges and opportunities. President Marcos reflected on the significance of their roles and the shared journey they have embarked upon as the nation’s leading couple.

The couple’s story began in New York in 1986, leading to their marriage in Italy in 1993. Beyond their personal life, they are actively involved in initiatives aimed at assisting the less fortunate. The First Lady’s “Lab for All” project, which provides medical services to remote provinces, exemplifies their commitment to public service and community welfare.