Philippine Congress to Consider Bill for Monthly Medication Support for Seniors

Manila, Philippines – A bill has been introduced in the Philippine Congress to provide PHP1,000 monthly maintenance medication support for senior citizens. This legislative proposal aims to improve the quality of life for the elderly, particularly those suffering from chronic or long-term medical conditions, and to ease their financial burdens.

According to Philippines News Agency, House Deputy Majority Leader Erwin Tulfo, co-author of House Bill 9569, emphasized the significance of the bill in addressing the health and well-being of senior citizens. He pointed out that chronic illnesses often necessitate regular and expensive treatments, placing a considerable strain on the elderly and their families. The bill is designed to offer financial relief and ensure that seniors do not have to compromise their health due to economic constraints.

Tulfo cited data from a Philippine Statistics Authority survey in 2020, which recorded around 9.2 million senior citizens aged 60 and above. Under the proposed measure, the monthly medication maintenance support would be exclusively used to purchase prescribed maintenance medications, including medicines for chronic illnesses and vitamins, from both public and private pharmaceutical establishments. Beneficiaries must present a valid prescription issued within the last six months to avail of the support.

The support is non-transferrable, and any unused portion cannot be converted to cash. To qualify, a registered senior citizen must apply to the Department of Health or its designated agency, providing a valid prescription for maintenance medications. Approved beneficiaries will receive a monthly maintenance support card.

Tulfo described the bill as a testament to society's commitment to respecting and caring for its senior citizens, acknowledging their contributions to the nation's growth and development. The bill aims to ensure that seniors can enjoy their later years with dignity and good health.