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PhilHealth Promotes ‘Konsulta’ Health Program in Antique

ANTIQUE—The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) has embarked on a mission to raise awareness about its Konsultasyong Sulit at Tama (Konsulta) program in Antique, encouraging local residents to take advantage of its comprehensive healthcare services.

According to Philippines News Agency, the initiative was officially launched in the province this Tuesday, highlighting its commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility.

The Konsulta program, designed to provide essential health services including consultations, laboratory tests, screenings, and medications at no cost to members, aims to foster a proactive healthcare environment. Monteverde called on the people of Antique to be active proponents of the program, ensuring widespread community engagement and utilization.

Junie Sabusap, the PhilHealth-Antique head, confirmed that all government hospitals and rural health units across the province's 18 towns are participating in Konsulta, ensuring that residents have ample access to its benefits. During the program's caravan, numerous residents, including 62-year-old Raymundo Gerona from Barangay Maybato Norte, experienced firsthand the advantages of Konsulta, receiving essential medical consultations and medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Since its initial rollout in Antique in January 2023, the program has significantly impacted local healthcare provision. Participating facilities are supported through a capitation fund, which allocates PHP500 per enrolled member or dependent, facilitating a sustainable model for healthcare providers. As of December 2023, Antique has received a substantial PHP4 million in capitation funds, with the San Jose de Buenavista rural health unit securing the largest allocation in Western Visayas.

San Jose de Buenavista Mayor Elmer Untaran highlighted that the influx of capitation funds has been instrumental in enhancing local healthcare services, allowing for the recruitment of primary care physicians and the procurement of necessary medications, thereby strengthening the region's healthcare infrastructure.