Manobo clan leaders declare mining exec persona non grata

A group of the Manobo tribe, through a resolution, has declared the former president of Philsaga Mining Corp. (PMC) persona non-grata in their ancestral land, where the PMC operates, in Agusan del Sur. The clan leaders of the Manobo tribe belonging to the Rodrigo Clan - Maryjane Rodrigo-Hallasgo and Amatorio Rodrigo - led the signing of a resolution dated March 29, 2023, declaring former PMC president lawyer Raul Villanueva persona non grata on their ancestral land in Barangay San Andres, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. The Rodrigo clan is the holder of the certificate of the ancestral domain title (CADT) in Barangay San Andres Bunawan, where the PMC is mining. The leaders of the Rodrigo clan said Villanueva, during his stint as PMC president, allegedly 'allowed the release of the royalty share to CADT 136 leaders despite our opposition, which jeopardized our rights as the rightful claimants of the area where the mining activities are conducted.' They also accused Villanueva of not exercising due diligence 'in allowing the release of the royalty share, which caused strife and division among the Manobo tribe in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur.' The Rodrigo clan recently learned that the Australian mining company, Ten Sixty-Four that owned PMC, has terminated the employment of Villanueva effective Feb. 15, 2023. Ten Sixty-Four recently announced and reiterated that they still have 100 percent legal control of operating subsidiaries, including PMC and Mindanao Mineral Processing and Refining Corp. It assured that PMC remains well funded with more than USD40 million readily available for working capital requirements. This includes the funding of community and social programs, which remain an ongoing priority for the company.

Source: Philippines News Agency