Mambajao Implements Advanced Disaster Management Technology

Mambajao, Camiguin – The town of Mambajao has embraced an advanced Incident Command System (ICS) to enhance its disaster management capabilities, with the support of regional government bodies.

According to Philippines News Agency, the move towards modernizing disaster response underscores the need for a systematic, efficient, and swift approach to managing emergencies.

Romualdo highlighted the strategic importance of integrating technology into disaster management processes. “I want to maximize the use of technology where every information is centralized into one system to make an organized and fast response to an incident,” he stated, emphasizing the necessity for local government staff to be proficient in disaster response operations.

The training initiative is a collaborative effort involving the Department of Science and Technology, the Office of Civil Defense-Northern Mindanao (OCD-10), and the Mambajao municipal government. It focuses on building the capacities required for operating an effective emergency operations center (EOC).

Trainer Raquel Ranara and OCD focal person Marlyn Trozo underscored the training’s significance in bolstering disaster preparedness and resilience. They noted that understanding the operational dynamics between the ICS and EOC is crucial for effective disaster response. The ICS, acting as the “force employer,” coordinates on-the-ground response efforts, while the EOC supports these activities as the “force provider,” ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive approach to incident management.