Landslide Buries Thousands in Remote Papua New Guinea Village

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea — A catastrophic landslide last Friday has buried approximately 2,000 people in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, with ongoing search and rescue efforts continuing to face challenges due to the area’s inaccessibility.

According to Philippines News Agency, the massive landslide engulfed Yambali village in the Enga province, located in the highlands north of the country. ABC News reported that over 150 houses were buried under the debris.

Serhan Aktoprak, an official from the UN migration agency mission in Papua New Guinea, confirmed the devastating impact on the village. The UN office in the nation further detailed that while 670 people are currently reported missing, the full extent of casualties remains uncertain due to the ongoing natural terrain movement and damaged access roads that are hindering the relief operations.

The UN office emphasized that government authorities are prioritizing debris clearance and access route restoration to expedite aid and rescue activities in the affected areas.