Laguna City to Open Free Dialysis and Medical Services Facility

LAGUNA CITY - A new medical hub in Laguna City is set to offer free dialysis, diagnostic, and laboratory services to kidney patients, with its doors expected to open in approximately six months.

According to Philippines News Agency, who made the announcement on Monday, the facility is targeted to begin operations by October if there are no construction delays.

The state-of-the-art medical center, located along Bacnotan Road near the Main City Hall Building in Barangay Real, is designed to improve access to essential healthcare services for local residents. The ground floor of the facility will house the dialysis center, while the diagnostic and laboratory services will be located on the second floor. The entire building spans a total area of 1,624 square meters.

Mayor Rizal expressed the city government's commitment to the health of its citizens, noting that PHP100 million has been allocated for the construction of the building. He also extended gratitude to the Sanggunian Panlalawigan (City Council) for its plans to provide additional funding for the necessary equipment and fixtures to ensure the centers operate smoothly upon completion.

The mayor further encouraged support from national agencies and philanthropic organizations, highlighting the collaborative efforts needed to fulfill the city's healthcare objectives. A representative from M.T. Maliuanag Construction Services, the contractor for the project, emphasized the careful planning and design of the facility, which is aimed at providing spacious and efficient service areas to meet the healthcare needs of the community.