Iloilo Public Transport Unaffected by Caravan Attempt

Iloilo, Philippines — Despite concerns, a transport caravan on Monday did not disrupt public transportation services in Iloilo and Panay, authorities confirmed. The event, which was not widely participated in by local groups, aimed to challenge transport operations but ultimately did not impact the usual flow of traffic and transit.

According to Philippines News Agency, the effort to impede public conveyance was ineffective. “They could not muster a big number, and what is important is they could not cripple the normal flow of public conveyance,” stated PRO 6 Regional Director Brig. Gen. Jack Wanky. He noted that participation was minimal and similar to past events primarily orchestrated by the Bayan group.

In preparation for potential disruptions, local law enforcement had arranged for additional vehicles to assist any stranded passengers. “We have patrol cars and vehicles coming from local government units,” Wanky added, ensuring that transportation would remain available barring any emergencies.

Raymundo 'Boyet' Parcon, president of the Western Visayas Transport Cooperative, reported a normal influx of passengers, particularly students and workers, during the morning rush. “We did not feel there was a strike since other consolidated jeepneys even ply their routes,” Parcon said. He confirmed that both consolidated and non-consolidated transport services were operating as usual, following discussions with various groups to maintain regular service schedules.