Filipinos Turn to Internet and TV for News, Survey Finds

Manila, Philippines — The Internet has emerged as the primary source of political news for Filipinos, surpassing traditional media outlets, according to a recent survey by Publicus Asia Inc. This trend reflects a significant shift in how news is consumed across the country.

According to Philippines News Agency, conducted from March 14 to 18, approximately 65 percent of Filipinos use the Internet to stay informed, matching the percentage who watch television for their news. The survey highlighted that 61 percent of Filipino adults specifically utilize Facebook to access news content. Despite the high utilization rates of these platforms, daily news consumption is now dominated by social media, with 52 percent of respondents preferring online sources over television.

The survey also uncovered a broader decline in trust towards all news providers, signaling a widespread erosion of confidence among viewers and readers. GMA7 retains the highest trust rating among news outlets at 47 percent, though this is a decrease from previous figures. It is followed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin, with trust ratings of 42 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

Notably, ABS-CBN (Online) and the Philippine Star are also among the top trusted sources, with ratings just below 40 percent. On the other hand, TV5/Interaksyon and Bombo Radyo, along with other traditional radio stations, have seen significant declines in their trust ratings.

The survey further noted that SMNI, associated with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, recorded a trust rating of 19 percent amid controversies and the recent revocation of its franchise by the House of Representatives. This survey, which was independent and non-commissioned, polled 1,500 respondents nationwide, reflecting diverse regional and demographic perspectives.