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Cebu City Sees Major Drug Bust: P11-M Worth of Shabu Seized, Suspect Arrested

CEBU CITY - In a significant crackdown on illegal drug activities, a high-value drug personality was arrested Sunday night in Cebu City during a sting operation that led to the seizure of nearly PHP11 million worth of suspected shabu. The operation took place near a Sikh Temple, marking a major win for local law enforcement against drug trafficking in the region.

According to Philippines News Agency, the suspect, identified as Ciano Entoma Villanueva, was apprehended following a buy-bust operation beside the Sikh Temple on V. Rama Avenue. Villanueva, known to have a wide-reaching influence across the capital city, is reported to have the capacity to distribute at least a kilo of shabu per week. The arrest led to the confiscation of 1,600 grams of shabu, valued at approximately PHP10,880,000, along with various items of drug paraphernalia.

The operation highlighted Villanueva's significant role in the local drug trade, with his name surfacing during intelligence operations by the Police Regional Office. Reports suggest that Villanueva has maintained connections within the prison system, potentially facilitating his drug distribution network. He is now facing charges related to drug trafficking, as authorities continue to clamp down on illegal drug activities in the area.

This latest operation underscores the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat the distribution and sale of illegal substances in Cebu City, aiming to disrupt the drug trade networks that threaten community safety and well-being.