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Cebu City Considers Expanding Calamity Declaration Due to El Niño

CEBU CITY - In response to the escalating effects of the El Niño climate pattern, Cebu City's government is assessing additional villages for inclusion under a state of calamity.

According to Philippine News Agency, who heads the City Council's committee on disaster risk reduction and management, the aim is to extend support to more areas impacted by the adverse weather conditions.

The assessment follows a recent City Council resolution that declared 28 villages in a state of calamity, mainly affecting the city's food-producing regions. The move was driven by the necessity to address the detrimental impacts of El Niño on agricultural activities, especially in mountainous locales.

Currently, the calamity declaration covers several villages where agricultural yields have been significantly affected. However, the City Agriculture's Office has identified additional barangays suffering from the dry conditions, prompting a review of the declaration's scope.

Mayor Michael Rama has indicated his support for broadening the calamity status to aid more communities affected by El Niño. He has highlighted the proactive steps taken, such as the deployment of water tankers by the Metro Cebu Water District to assist drought-stricken areas.

Data from the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office underline the urgency of the situation, with over 500 farmers and substantial agricultural land in the declared areas requiring immediate assistance. The city's readiness to respond is backed by substantial calamity and disaster risk reduction and management funds earmarked for such emergencies.