Active Weather Conditions Forecasted to be Active Starting Tomorrow until Morning

​Brunei Darussalam is currently at the end of Inter-Monsoon period, where local wind effects play an important role in affecting the daily weather. During the Inter-Monsoon period, the weather is generally fair in the morning. Showers and thunderstorms occur mainly over the inland during the afternoon, and propagate towards coastal and sea areas at night, and at times prolonged to early morning of the following day.


Weather condition over Brunei Darussalam is forecasted to be active, starting on 30th November 2022 until Sunday, 4th December 2022. This is due to the active development of rain clouds over the region leading to the increase in rainfall activity. Wind speed may increase up to 40 kilometres per hour during or near heavy showers or thunderstorms. Meanwhile over Brunei Waters, sea state is moderate with wave heights reaching up to 1.5 metres during this weekend. Members of the public are advised to take precautionary actions with respect to the forecasted active weather conditions. Weather advisories or warnings will be issued if necessary.




Source: Radio Television Brunei