The Aqidah or Belief Strengthening Programme For converts aims to enhance the understanding of Aqidah in line with the parctice of the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah or Followers of the Sunnah. It also strengthens religious understanding. One such programme that ended on 6th February was organised by the Takmir Committee of Hajah Aminah Religious Hall in Kampong Long Mayan, in Tutong with the cooperation of the Tutong District Mosque Affairs Office.

The participants received their certificates from Awang Haji Masri bin Haji Mohammad, Tutong District Mosque Affairs Officer. The programme was hoped to instil awareness and guide the converts to deepen the basics of religious life so that they would apply the true aqidah or belief of Islam and perform religious acts in the correct way. 25 converts attended the programme.

Source: Radio Television Brunei