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President Marcos Addresses Rice Price Concerns, Asserts Global Impact

MANILA — President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. addressed concerns over the rising prices of rice, emphasizing that the issue extends beyond the Philippines and affects the entire Asian region. This statement came in response to inquiries submitted through Bahay Ugnayan, a venue for public engagement within the Malacañang compound.

According to Philippines News Agency, the increase in rice prices is a global challenge, not unique to the Philippines. In a vlog posted on YouTube, Marcos highlighted that even rice-exporting countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand, are experiencing similar price surges. He attributed these increases to external factors like oil price fluctuations, which have impacted the region as a whole.

President Marcos reassured the public that the government is actively working to ensure an adequate rice supply and to stabilize prices. Efforts include enhancing domestic production to reduce the need for imports and minimizing production costs for farmers, aiming to make rice more affordable for Filipino consumers.

The President's engagement with the public also covered a range of other topics, from the jeepney modernization program to the role of politics in serving the people. Marcos stressed the importance of politics being a tool for public service, not for the benefit of individuals or specific groups. He encouraged the youth to critically engage with political issues, emphasizing the value of understanding different perspectives in a landscape often cluttered with misinformation.

On the topic of transportation, Marcos clarified that the government does not intend to phase out traditional jeepneys but seeks to modernize the fleet to enhance environmental sustainability and improve earnings for drivers. He highlighted the benefits of transitioning to electric jeepneys, including reduced operational costs and a positive impact on climate change efforts.

President Marcos's dialogue with the public, facilitated by Bahay Ugnayan, reflects his administration's approach to addressing national issues directly and engaging in transparent communication with the Filipino people.