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Negros Oriental Festival Organizers Address Claims of Unpaid Subsidies

NEGROS ORIENTAL - The organizers of the Negros Oriental provincial government's Buglasan Festival 2023 responded on Thursday to allegations of non-payment of subsidies for the Ms. Negros Oriental candidates. Social media posts had claimed that the candidates were owed PHP40,000 each.

According to Philippines News Agency, the subsidies for the Miss Negros Oriental candidates, amounting to PHP40,000 each, had already been released by the Provincial Treasurer's Office to the participating local government units (LGUs). The municipality of San Jose, for example, received its subsidy on October 19. Descuatan advised candidates and their handlers to address their concerns to their respective LGUs, as the funds were no longer with the provincial government. She urged LGUs with funding concerns to directly communicate with the provincial government. Several LGUs, including Canlaon City, Sta. Catalina, Bacong, Basay, and La Libertad, have already released the subsidies to their candidates and handlers. This year marked the first time the provincial government provided subsidies to Miss Negros Oriental candidates. Descuatan also denied any knowledge of disallowances by the Commission on Audit. The Buglasan Festival, a significant cultural event in Negros Oriental, is celebrated annually in October and showcases the province's diverse cultures, heritage, and tourism destinations.

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