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Movember Campaign Raises Awareness on Men’s Health

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month which is also known as Movember. It is created to raise awareness on men’s health, welfare and well-being apart from celebrating the positive role of men in the society. However, not many people are aware of such campaign. Since its introduction in Brunei Darussalam in 2020, Movember has received encouraging response not only from men but also from women.


Following the Movember campaign, men’s health issues need to be taken into consideration along with women’s health issues. Similar to women, men are not exempted from facing various health issues including cancer. Several individuals stated the Movember campaign also gave men in the country the opportunity to raise their awareness not only on physical health but also on mental health.


November is also an excuse for men to grow their moustache and beard as a symbolic show of support towards the Movember campaign. Despite no shaving for a month, moustache and beard care is always practised, as both are considered as ‘accessory’ for men.


Support and assistance from all parties also play a role in supporting the Movember month for men’s well-being. It is hoped that more awareness on men’s health and welfare can be raised through such a campaign.


Source: Radio Television Brunei