Friday Sermon

Each individual needs to make a new initiative to change attitudes in financial management by taking steps, such as reviewing and reorganizing personal finances, avoiding debt and practising a culture of saving. In the content of today's sermon, the prayer leader explained that in terms of saving, the government has established the Employees Trust Fund, TAP to facilitate its members in making savings and recently introduced the National Retirement Scheme, SPK which is intended to address the main challenges of retirement and provide a sustainable and inclusive retirement for every employee in Brunei Darussalam.

The prayer leader called for the society to take the opportunity provided by the government for our survival in the coming days. For anyone who feels unclear on the national retirement scheme, especially for members aged 50 to 60, can make an appointment for a consultation session with the Employees Trust Fund to find out more about the SPK benefits received during retirement. As Muslims, we should spend our earned sustenance wisely according to Islamic principles, including by practising an attitude of saving. This will hope be able to further strengthen the economy of the family, society and country, in order to guarantee a better future.

Source: Radio Television Brunei