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Dinagat Islands Provincial Government Awards Incentives to 108 Top High School Students

DINAGAT ISLANDS - In a commendable move to promote academic excellence, the provincial government of Dinagat Islands honored 108 top-performing senior high school students with cash incentives on Friday.

Governor Nilo Demerey Jr., in an interview conducted on Saturday, explained that the initiative aims to encourage students to excel academically. The cash incentives are seen as a way to motivate students to enhance their performance in their studies.

According to Philippines News Agency, the beneficiaries of this program included 46 students who were recognized as top 1 achievers and 62 as top 2 achievers. The students acknowledged as top 1 achievers received PHP 5,000 each, while those who achieved top 2 status were awarded PHP 3,000 each.

Governor Demerey expressed that this program is expected to inspire high school students to aim higher and invest more effort in their academic pursuits. He also mentioned that the financial rewards are likely to boost the confidence of these young achievers.

The governor highlighted the positive impact of such initiatives, not only on students but also on their parents. He emphasized that parents feel a sense of pride in their children's academic accomplishments, and the program serves as recognition of the hard work and dedication of students in schools.

This initiative by the Dinagat Islands provincial government reflects a commitment to fostering a culture of academic achievement and providing tangible support to students who excel in their educational endeavors.

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