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Vice President Sara Duterte Visits Negros Occidental, Focuses on Education and Peace

Negros Occidental, Philippines - Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Z. Duterte visited migrant sugar laborers, known as sacadas, from Antique working in the sugarcane fields of Negros Occidental. The visit, which occurred during the 'Bisita Sacada' event, hosted by La Castellana town, focused on delivering messages of education and peace.

According to Philippines News Agency, during her trip, Duterte, alongside Governor Rhodora Cadiao, interacted with the sacadas, inquiring about their wellbeing, extending Christmas greetings, and distributing gifts. She also took this opportunity to campaign against the New People's Army, noting their presence in Negros Island.

The 'Bisita Sacada' initiative, an annual activity by the Antique provincial government, aims to bring services to migrant sugar workers during the Christmas season and involves consultations with Negros Occidental government officials and sugar plantation owners to better the laborers' working conditions.

In addition to meeting the sacadas, Duterte also engaged with representatives from various sectors in the province. She met with Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer, and Board Members Manuel Frederick Ko and Rommel Debulgado, expressing gratitude for the continued support from the people of Negros Occidental towards her, the Office of the Vice President, and the education sector.

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