Updated COVID-19 Control Measures Start Today

​Starting on 15th September, the use of face masks indoors or outdoors will be optional and no longer be made mandatory. However, the use of face masks is still compulsory for individuals with symptoms or symptomatic who may need to leave their house for any purpose.


RTB’s crew took a closer look at the situation and found that people are still making a practice of wearing face masks in public places including shopping malls and crowded areas.


Meanwhile, face masks are still compulsory at health facilities, either government or private facilities, including hospitals, clinics, ambulances, swab centres and vaccination centres.


To ensure good food handling practices, food operators dealing with food preparation in restaurants, eateries, cafés and food stalls are also required to wear face masks while working.


The requirement for prayer mat-width distancing, that is using large-sized prayer mats for daily congregational Fardhu prayers and Friday prayers in mosques is maintained and the use of personal prayer mats is encouraged although not mandatory.


Following the updated COVID-19 control measures and travel guidelines, the immigration control posts for land routes in the country are open from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening.



Source: Radio Television Brunei