Following the information via Whatsapp on the first Zika Virus Infection in Brunei Darussalam, stating that the infection was not disclosed, the Ministry of Health affirms that the information disseminated is NOT TRUE, and so far there has been NO case of Zika Virus infection in Brunei Darussalam.

Any information regarding Zika virus infection will be made known to the public as soon as possible through the official media and will not be kept secret.

The Ministry of Health advises the public not to easily believe or be easily deceived by information and news that are spread via the Internet or other media applications such as WHATSAPP, TWITTER and FACEBOOK without ensuring its authenticity. Members of the public are also reminded to be more responsible and not to join in spreading unverified information. Spreading invalidated or false information with the intention to create confusion is an offence and can be reported under the Public Order Act. Anyone found spreading or making false information that can affect public well-being is liable to a 3-year imprisonment and a fine of 3 thousand dollars.

Source: Radio Television Brunei