From the Department of Immigration and National Registration, His Majesty continued the visit to the Labour Department.

Upon arrival, His Majesty was greeted by Muhammad Saufi Bin Awang Haji Ibrahim, the Acting Commissioner of Labour. The Labour Department plays a role to administrate and enforce the Employment Order 2009 to ensure that standards are met to a satisfactory level. Aside from that, the department also acts in ensuring that relevant actions are to be taken to protect the employee and solve trade disputes as well as misunderstandings between the employee and employer.

Among the sections that caught His Majesty's attention was the Labour Standards And Employment Agency Division. Among the roles and responsibilities of the division is to issue licenses to the employment agencies operating in the country and monitor as well as supervise the employment agency's activities. The division is also responsible in monitoring and investigating complaints on employment agency, in line with the Work Agency Act 2004.

The Monarch also visited the Finance Unit of the Labour Department which among other matters provides the department's annual allocation and handles the payment processes.

His Majesty then reviewed the Foreign Worker Recruitment Division. There are two units under the division namely the Foreign Worker License Unit and Domestic Services Unit. This division is responsible in the Issuance of Foreign Worker and Domestic Helper Licenses.

His Majesty's visit aimed to ensure that the Department of Immigration and National Registration as well as the Labour Department are aware on the issues handled by His Majesty's government, aside from striving to achieve the Departments' mission and vision.

Source: Radio Television Brunei