The afternoon session of the Meeting of the Malay Archipelago’s Syafii Sect Clerics saw two more working papers presented. The paper titled, ‘Ulama and Islamic Education: Towards a Learned Generation’ was delivered by Doctor Abdullah Abu Bakar, Member of the Islamic Religious Council Committee of Yala Province and Head of Education and Da’wah Department of the Islamic Religious Council of Yala Province, Southern Thailand.

Doctor Abdullah explained that the ulama are the most important people in propagating Islam throughout the world in general and particularly in the Malay Archipelago. Their knowledge was not only for themselves but also for everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. According to Doctor Abdullah da’wah or propagation through peaceful means were most effective and comprehensive and benefited the whole ummah. The session was attended by Doctor Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal, the Rector of UNISSA.

The other working paper titled, ‘Ulama and Economy of Islam: Towards Strengthening the Economy of Muslims’ was presented by the Chief Executive Officer, Association of Singapore’s Ulama and Religious Teachers, PERGAS. Mohammad Yusri Yubhi bin Md Yusoff explained that the ulama’s contributions in strengthening the economy of the Muslims created a Shari’ah compliant economic framework. Al-Quran teaches people to seek anything considered as benefits or blessings from Allah the Almighty that help them to perform acts of worship properly and to help the needy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei