BEIJING, Oct. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Exactly one year ago, when one light sport aircraft in the Czech stand at the West China International Fair shone like a pearl, Czech Aviation and Sichuan province marked the start of a special relationship. Since then the Czech Republic has done a lot to support the process of general aviation development in China, especially by offering a so-called "A to Z" solution for China that covers everything from airport infrastructure, pilot training, production of aircraft, maintenance, emergency rescue and legislation expertise, including certification.

This year the CzechTrade Office in Chengdu, supported by the local government and the E.U. Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC), organized the Second Czech Aviation Seminar and brought even more planes to be exhibited at this year`s West China International Fair that is set to open this Friday. This year, however, the Czech stand is not just about planes and aviationrelated topics, but about more "pearls" made in the Czech republic, such as glass and crystal, Skoda cars, musical instruments, financial services, environmental technologies and much more, including tourism.

What’s more, Chengdu is also the first stop of Czech President Milos Zeman and an accompanying business delegation during his trip to China from 24th-27th October, which is the highlight of this year`s bilateral agenda.

"We are always trying to identify sectors with the biggest growth potential for special Czech know-how," says Mr. Libor Secka, the Czech Republic’s Ambassador to China. "General aviation (GA) is one of them. We believe our experts and GA companies have very unique experience and products worth sharing with our Chinese partners," he continued. That is why the Embassy of the Czech Republic has devoted a special project of economic diplomacy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to this very area. One of the main achievements is closer co-operation with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), including common projects, as well as the success of several Czech companies in finding local partners in China.

There are several reasons why the Czech Republic should be heard. One of them is described by the Vice President of the Light Aircraft Association, Mr. Jan Fridrich: "Although there are several practical ways to look at GA, like commuting, emergency rescue etc., what makes the industry grow and create a strong base for the aviation industry the most is the enthusiasm for flying, or something called special aviation culture. That is why we are trying to promote the complete solution and why we have decided to show our way of flying in the Czech Republic in a short movie, especially prepared for our Chinese friends." The movie will have its premier in Chengdu and later will be available on-line, as will the Czech Aviation Catalogue and the "A-Z solution" brochure.

This will not be the Czech Republic’s final say this year, as the country will also have a stand at the 2014 Zhuhai Airshow.

Aviation Catalogue:

Exhibitors: Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic, Assosiation of the Aerospace Manufacturers of the Czech Republic, Air Zone TV, Jihostroj Velesin, UNIS, Evektor-Aerotechnik, TC INTER-INFORMATICS, PBS Velka Bites, Aero Trade, F-Air, Direct Fly, TL-Ultralight, Sino-Czech Aviation and Aerospace Association, CzechTrade Promotion Agency, CzechTourism, Skoda, Home Credit, Sotio, Nordmann Technologies, Bernard, Marlenka, Ludwig, Petrof, Preciosa-lustry, Preciosa Beauty, Robert Halama, Bohemia Machine, Ceasar, Senyr Bijoux, Gold-Crystal, Astra Gold, Jiri Pecinek Glass, Crystalex


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