People trying to get fit through activities such as weight training, boxing and other systematic programmes or routines need not worry too much nowadays. This is because fitness centres are available in many places and growing in number rapidly too. Interestingly some of the fitness centres are opened by youths who are fitness buffs or entrepreneurs or both. The RTB News Mojo team visited one such facility to see how it operates.

Keen interest in weight training that turned into a childhood hobby motivated Awang Yusri Ariffin bin Yussof to open his very own Fitness Centre. With family support, the dream to open a fitness centre named Yussof Gym finally became reality. Awang Yusri said the facility offers not only weight training, boxing and other sports activities but also promotes the healthy lifestyle through sports.

To help youngsters to learn how to box, Yussof Gym provides a Coach who is a former national boxer. He is Rudy Erwan bin Yussof who says today's kids are fortunate that there are many facilities or fitness centres for them to join. In the old days there was no such facility and he and his boxer friends would be idle after the SEA Games or other tournaments. Nowadays, the youngsters can train all year round if they wished.

The involvement of youths such as the owner of Yussof Gym in entrepreneurship proves the country's youths are not idle and know ways to generate income. Many are willing to get involved in business fields in response to the government's call for youths to become entrepreneurs.

Source: Radio Television Brunei