​Brunei International Airport, the Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications reminded the public to always comply with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and to carry out the responsibility of implementing preventive measures including physical distancing and adheres to the current mass gathering restrictions as issued under Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204.


As to avoid large crowd, passengers departing via Brunei International Airport are advised and encouraged to use ‘drop-off’ practice or at least sent by no more than 2 persons. Members of public are not encouraged to pick up arriving passengers, as they will immediately undergo isolation process.


The Department of Civil Aviation has also taken several initiatives in preventing the spread of COVID-19 outbreaks through the following efforts:


The use of body temperature check devices at the designated entrances of airport terminal building for mandatory body temperature checks, starting from Saturday, 20 June 2020;


Provides QR code scans through the BruHealth application at the main entrances of Departure and Arrival Halls. Members of public and Airport users are required to update their health status through BruHealth application and to understand and comply with the requirements provided before entering and using the services and facilities at the airport; Provides hand sanitizers facilities at the entrances and service counters for public use; and performing physical distancing by placing physical distancing marking on public seats, dining area, lifts and surau. Physical distancing marking at 1 meter gap each queue is also carried out at all counters such as check-in counters, immigration counters, customs, passenger security checks and business premises.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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