A show with an unbroken record of successes

XIAMEN, China, January 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The four-day 7th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show, hosted by Xiamen Road & Bridge Marina Co., Ltd., concluded on Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Harbor, Music Island on November 10th, 2014. It is the first of the series to earn platinum membership at the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers (IFBSO), the association’s highest level of recognition. This show was attended by 18,000 professional merchants, with turnover reaching 250 million RMB.

More than 200 famous brands from over 20 countries and regions, including Italy, the UK, France, Germany, the USA and Taiwan, among others, were displayed at the show, making a remarkable impression on the attendees. This year’s show, operating for the first time under the simple theme of "experience", showcased a virtual flotilla of luxury yachts to visitors during the entire day as well as held many events focused on yachting, sailing, teenager OP sailing as well as other boating and aquatic-related activities, Aquashows alone counted for seven. The most eye-catching event proved to be the Yacht-baby Race, which had as a backdrop a stunning view of Wuyuan Bay.

As important supporting events to this show, the First Cross-strait Boat Development Summit Forum, "I’m enjoying boating in Xiamen" Media Group Yachting Afternoon Tea and the 10th China Club Cup Sailing Challenge were each in their own right key events that attracted a large number of attendees.

Now in its seventh year, the Xiamen International Boat Show ranks among the top three boat shows in China. The event not only conveys the image of a positive and fashionable life at sea, but also brings about a new way of thinking to the development of the boat industry as well as makes Xiamen worthy of its name as the "Capital of Yachts."

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