The tireless efforts and dedication of a teacher are among the invaluable sacrifices for the sake of the student’s success. In an interview, Awang Ali bin Naim shared his experience as a teacher who often sacrificed time and energy for his students so that they can become visionary and successful individuals. Conducting tuition classes free of charge was among the biggest sacrifices made by Awang Ali.

Even though Awang Ali no longer works as a teacher after being transferred to the Schools Department, the sincere passion to inculcate knowledge to the nation still lingers in the heart of Awang Ali. He willingly sacrificed time and energy just to conduct tuition classes free of charge just to see his students succeed not only in academics, but also in life.

Awang Ali faced various challenges when he began teaching tuition classes at his residence and at the Perpindahan Serasa Mosque. According to him, a teacher is a special being. A teacher requires patience, psychological knowledge and passion in order to successfully impart knowledge to their students.

Source: Radio Television Brunei