A talk on Community Based Tourism and Homestay for the first session aims to provide understanding on the two tourism concepts as well as important aspects of improving such concepts. Organised by the Tutong District Office and Tutong District Tourism Promotion and Coordination Body with the cooperation of Tourism Development Department, the talk was held yesterday morning at the Tutong District Office.

In attendance was Awang Shamsul Bahrin bin Haji Mohd Hussain, Tutong District Officer. 30 participants comprising village chiefs, acting village chiefs, members of the Kampung Consultative Council as well as managers of tourist destinations in Tutong District attended the talk. The talk among other matters highlighted Community Based Tourism which is a tourism acitivity that brings positive impact on improving the village community’s socio-economy. Apart from that, it can also provide business and job opportunities to the village community specifically to the youth. The talk also highlighted the guidelines in providing homestay services.

Source: Radio Television Brunei