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Specialty of ‘Kuih Penyaram

When mentioning the 'kuih Penyaram', many people already know that it is a traditional kuih. But not everyone knows, the kuih 'Penyaram' from Temburong District has its own special features, especially when served during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. What is the specialty of the kuih Penyaram...!

Just mention the kuih 'Penyaram' from Temburong District, the traditional kuih lover will associate it with kuih penyaram by Dayang Nurul Ayuni binti Abdullah. The making of kuih Penyaram inherited from her family, encouraged her to innovate in the process of making it to increase its deliciousness so that it is loved by many.

At the beginning, making of kuih 'Penyaram' is just a hobby but over time it became a source of sustenance for Dayang Nurul Ayuni. However, she did not deny the challenges faced during the process of making it.

Whatever type of traditional kuih is produced, innovation is needed so that it remains the choice of many, especially the young group. Try it first, then you will know the taste.

Source: Radio Television Brunei

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