The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports also explained that at the early stage, application through the ‘National Welfare System, SKN will only be made available for citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam for the Monthly Welfare Assistance scheme which is run by JAPEM and MUIB. Meanwhile, applications for other assistance such as Old Age Pensions, Disability Allowance, food rations, home repair assistance or housing application, the Temporary Shelter Centre will still use the current procedures, and can be made via SKN in the next phase.


There are no changes in the eligibility criteria to apply for the monthly welfare assistance in JAPEM and MUIB, whereby applicants could choose to apply from either one. Meanwhile for non-muslims, their applications will be processed by JAPEM in accordance to the existing guidelines. Yang Berhormat added, there are changes in the aspects of eligibility criteria for applicants through JAPEM. It will be in line with the minimum cost of basic necessities calculation, KMKA using the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD Modified Scale as stated by the Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and the Second Minister of Finance and Economy.


For applications through SKN, applicants are required to follow the following procedures: First, applicants must have a valid email account to enable them to register, as the email will also be used as registration confirmation of the SKN account. Secondly, to enclose and complete personal documents by uploading scan copies of the applicant, spouse, children and dependent’s smart card, children’s birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificate, salary statement, as well as confirmation form from the village head.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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