​Fans of ‘Roller Blade’ or In-line Skating’ in the country can now play and enjoy the sport in safer conditions at the specially designated Super-Kart F2 Circuit at Jerudong Park Country Club, JPCC Sendirian Berhad. The circuit ensures greater safety while “Roller Blading”.

The 300 metre long circuit at Jerudong Park Garden is open to the public, in particular skating enthusiasts to skate safely. The open space is suitable for skaters wishing to train or beginners learning how to skate. The Public Relation and Marketing Officer of  Jerudong Park Country Club Sendirian Berhad said those using the circuit should obey the specified instructions before skating and maintain cleanliness for the comfort and convenience of other users.

For Roller Bladers wishing to perform prayers a rest and vending room is provided. The opening of the circuit also adds another destination for visitors in the country.

The Supercart F2 Circuit is open every Saturday, while the Jerudong Park Garden is open every Friday and Sunday. Users are required to fill in a verification form and wear safety gear when skating.



Source: Radio Television Brunei

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