Road Users Can Refer To Aspects of Driving Through the ‘Safe and Smart Driving In Brunei Darussalam’ Book

The public, especially road users, can refer to aspects of driving in Brunei Darussalam that are easily accessible and user-friendly, through the Second Edition of the 'Safe and Smart Driving in Brunei Darussalam' book. Launched in November last year, the book was published as one of the initiatives of the Land Transport Department, LTD under the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, KTUP implemented under the Brunei Darussalam Road Safety Strategic Plan 2025.

Among the information contained in the book are Vehicle Classification, Car Rental, Vehicle Registration and Plate, Car Purchase and Modification.

LTD also strives to upgrade its services to facilitate the public and users to speed up management such as increasing the number of online services.

The book can be obtained through PDF e-book by visiting the website and smart driving or instagram With the publication of the book, it is hoped that it can give awareness to road users to adopt a safe and prudent driving attitude.

Source: Radio Television Brunei