Riayah Wa Mahabbah Programme is among the initiatives of the Ministry of Education to assist a certain group of pupils from all the four districts in their preparation for the Penilaian Sekolah Rendah, PSR, or Primary School Assessment Examination.

Pupils absorbed into the programme are those with problems such as family problems and unsatisfactory attendance at school. Under the programme, pupils involved are placed in a hostel and attend the learning session at the same school as other students.

Since it was established 2 years ago, the Riayah Wa Mahabbah Programme has been able to help the pupils selected for the specially-arranged learning session. This year, 40 pupils were selected to take part in the programme. A number of those selected are involved in the attendance problem of less than 85 percent. Although they come from different family backgrounds, the students can adapt themselves well and are responsive in all the activities held. The programme has not only provided education and knowledge for the pupils, but has also enhanced their self-discipline as well as helped them build a stronger self-identity.

For their comfort, the students are placed in the Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College Hostel and attend the learning session at the Pusar Ulak Primary School. Various facilities are provided including a Shuttle Bus service to ferry the student to and from the hostel. This is to ensure that the students attend school every day. With 6 schooldays left before the PSR Examination, it is hoped that the initiative taken by the Ministry of Education can help students achieve better results. Support and cooperation of all parties are vital for their success.

Source: Radio Television Brunei