Human beings are created by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala solely for the purpose of worshipping and devoting themselves to the Almighty by performing all of His commands as well as leaving all vice. Among the religious deeds that can bring one closer to Allah is by reciting the zikir. This was among the content of the Friday Sermon titled ‘Remembrance of Allah Brings Prosperity to the Country.’ The sermon explained that reciting zikir is highly encouraged for Muslims as it brings many benefits.


Among the benefits of reciting zikir include receiving Allah’s protection and blessings. Hence, the Muslims are urged to always recite zikir and remember Allah at anytime, anywhere. The practice of reciting zikir should be instilled in the daily life and so that the country will always remain peaceful, prosperous and protected from all disease and disaster.



Source: Radio Television Brunei


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